“Numerology Expert Asks: Is Tiger Woods Out of the Woods Yet?”

Woods reading his well craved apology speech

Woods reading his well crafted apology speech

Tiger Wood’s wordings in his apology telecasted live today is well crafted.

The media photo showing that he is READING from his apology message does NOT reflect well on his level of sincerity.

How can someone REALLY means what he says needs to READ from written notes? I wonder.

Woods definitely needs public speaking training BEFORE this apology. He is eloquently expressive by nature (”30″ from his birth day).  It’s tragic to his family and those who trust his clean family man image when he expresses his romantic inclinations (the “2″ from his birth month December) in such blatant ways over the years.

Money brings fame and all the “trimmings” including those less than desirable elements and traits along with it. It all depends how the person handles those powers.

Sex addicts …. Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen,  Australian cricketer Shane Wayne …. the list can be quite LONG.

Can ANY long term addiction fixed by short term “therapy”? Ask those who are obese and you’ll get the answer.

Both eating (food) and sex is part of the basic 16 human core desires. Some are more inclined to a few particular desires out of the lot. Sex is one of  Woods’ MAJOR drivers.

Is Tiger Woods out of the woods now?


Watch this space for more on Woods.

John Ho

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5 Responses to ““Numerology Expert Asks: Is Tiger Woods Out of the Woods Yet?””

  1. Very interesting. I will certainly be watching to see when Tiger Woods gets out of the woods and how he does it. I liked your analogy about an eating addiction because eating is one of the 16 human core desires just as sex is.

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  2. Keri Eagan says:

    If it were me I would have gone with the “yea, I did it…so what?” approach. Adding a softener such as having one of my hired hands pointing out just how much stress (often a precurser to affairs) a black man at the top of his field faces after the death of his strongest supporter and guide would have been good too.

    IMO his apology came across as weak and grovelling exacerbated by the long silence preceeding it. And he would have had a paid team of PR advisers to achieve that? Surely a serial phalanderer is going nowhere with the apologise *please* I’m really sorry route. Ladies, what do you think? More like sorry I was caught. I agree with your comments about therapy, and don’t think this behaviour will stop with the realisation he has some Mommy/Daddy issues.

    He showed good character by defending his wife, which from the looks of it he still cares for.

    I was astounded to see one of his mistresses saying that SHE couldn’t accept his apology yet…huh?? No sympathy here.

  3. Vicki says:

    Sex is one of Woods’ MAJOR drivers….

    We all have drivers, isn’t it how we control them that puts us in any particular position? I don’t care to see people torn apart by the media but if someone is wrong – they should stand up to the plate and take responsibility.

    Vicki http://www.bridal-threads.com

  4. Hi John,

    oh the Tiger Woods dilemma. He really does not come across as trustworthy whatsoever right now which will really hit for quite some time in his formerly being so well-liked.

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    I do remember that earlier blog post and am so glad to see you following up on the parenting scenario of when baby prefers the caregiver nanny or baby sitter.

    I truly appreciate how you also make the point to reassure mom and dads here that this is a temporary time only. What a relief, I’m sure.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

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  5. Sonya Lenzo says:

    Tiger really did not handle this well at all did he? If fact, he is STILL in the woods. What a shame.
    Sonya Lenzo

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