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“Numerology Expert Says A Good (Revisited) Question from Darryl Pace”

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Most of you would know that I run two blogs about Pure Numerology – Understanding Personality for Better Influecne & Persuasion: One is here, the other is

Over the other (Vox) blog, I’ve just finished answering a good question from Darryl Pace, which I think it’s worthwhile to reiterate below.

Hi Darryl,

> So, can the “inborn personality” be shaped into virtually anything, depending on how the person responds to their environment?

This is a GOOD question!

People with the same personality or same birthday or birth dates can have different behaviour due to their exposure to different environments, both in upbringings as well as their current settings.

Behavior is a function of personality & context or environment. SAME personality or the SAME person, will behavior differently under different context.

Whether a person is more of an end result of his or her upbringing environment including the people he or she is exposed since birth or it is more of an inborn nature is controversial. To me, it is not a black & white issue, but with grey areas.

No doubt, however, we do get influenced by the company we keep, both by the physical company well as of mental ones that we keep.

For more of my answer to a similar question in essence on (identical) twins, read my previous blog posts Numerology Expert Answers Qs on Multiple Births & Soul and Numerology Expert Addresses Interesting Analyses on Twins, Triplets, Quintuplets etc

John Ho

John Ho

Numerology Expert Helps Understanding Personality for Better Influence & Persuasion

Numerology Expert Birthday Numeroscope

Numerology Expert Helps Understanding Personality for Better Influence & Persuasion

Numerology Expert Answers Questions on Numerical Values of Alphabets

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

There are interesting questions from my recent post on Mother’s Day. JJ Jalopy, Rob Northrup and Anthony Lemme all basically asked whether the conversion from alphabets into numbers work in other languages. I must say that I am not sure. I am not a linguist. Apart from Chinese and English, I don’t know other language well enough to comment intelligently. Chinese language does not have alphabets but roots (roughly similar to English language’s prefix and suffix) and is written in strokes.

Bear in mind that while numbers are universal, languages and associated alphabets are not.

Philip Graves is also observing and asked, “What is the basis for taking, say, Z as an 8 rather than as a 2 and 6 from being the 26th letter of the alphabet?”



In Pure Numerology, every 9 years is a cycle. A, being the first alphabet, has a numerical value of 1, B has a value of 2 etc. J as the 10th alphabet, repeats the cycle and has a value of 1. Z as the 26th alphabet, has a value of 8 (26 = 2+6 = 8). We always reduces 2 digits into a single number before interpretation.



Twins, Triplets & Quintuplets poses another fascination aspect in personality analysis as virtually all of them have the same birth dates.


Today (13th May) is my birth date. Thanks for good wishes from April & Steve posted at my Facebook’s wall.


My personality is a cocktail of the following birth dates:







Long story behind!

Numerologist Expert Is Having an Easy Night

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


I really don’t know why it happened. 21 hours ago, I posted the following blog and WordPress confirmed that it’s published. Yet, when I just checked it now, it is NOT there!



I press the “Update” button. Still no success to get it published. So now, I deleted it & repost it. Luckily, I had a copy of it in my Word file!



So here it is again:



After two long posts, I opt for an easy night today with a short one.


Pat Becker : Happy Birthday for your special day 26th April.

John  Ho: Check our your Numeroscope at my Vox Blog tomorrow for your birthday analysis.

Philip Graves, in his latest blog, says that, “One recent study for the journal Law and Human Behaviour found that false eye witness testimony contributed to more than three quarters of wrongful convictions (that were accurately resolved using DNA evidence).”



John Ho: How interesting it’s for crime investigation! False memory and limitation of language itself does not help the course of justice. But that’s life.


Steve Chambers : “most of the conclusions here are

after the fact, with the assumptions made to fit the data”




John Ho: Analysing well known figures cannot prove validity of Pure Numerology, Astrology and the like UNLESS we go for predictions which come true. Prediction is a risky business due to free will in play.


Christian Haller : “.. my question was not so much looking for proof as trying to find a common reference point.”


John Ho: Understood. I was saying about the group in general, not you as a person. You & I both are at the same page.


Anthony Lemme :’ I saw a blue dot that turned into the universe (planets, stars, etc). It was really beautiful at first but then I got “lost” in it and couldn’t find my way out…. Even though it seemed real, I have no explanation for it so decided not to attach any meaning to it and let it be what it was.’


John Ho: Congrats! You’ve seen the truth. That bindu you saw is a blue pearl which contains the COMPLETE universe. Hard for a human mind to imagine why such sesame seed size light can be that immense at the same time. Having seen that, you would for sure understand that life is much more than this physical body and this phenomenal world. Your outlook on “self” also expands vastly. With the blue pearl, you can do astral travels to ANY part of the universe in a flash. Well, enough said before I am classified as a nut case J! Just remember that you’re really fortunate to have that experience. Meditate on that bindu and just observe what happens without attachment.


jc mackenzie: “Alexander the Great comes to mind-we don’t know a great deal about him personally, numerology could fill in some gaps [I'm a history nut]”


John Ho: If you can give me his accurate birth date, then I’ll have a crack at it for you.


Duane Cunningham : “When you going to put a product together??”


John Ho: I’m writing a book “How To Read A Person In 3 Seconds or Less – Numerology Made Pure & Simple”.


Rob Northrup: “How big of a jackpot did I win?”


John Ho: Whatever you want it to be. It’s all in the mind J!

Numerology Expert Answers Questions on Analyses of Martin Bryant, an accused Mass Murderer

Sunday, April 26th, 2009


Christian Haller:
Q: “A large number of serial killers have a variant of the name Wayne. Does numerology provide any insight into this?”

lynn Lane:

Q: “Christian brings up a very good point. In my area of the country it’s Wayne, Lee, Ray.”

Lisa McLellan

Q: “Has anyone ever compared the pure numerology results for 10-20 serial killer’s names. I wonder what similarities would be found.”

A: If we study hard and long enough, we CAN analyse ANYTHING to the nth degree with accuracy as to its relationship to another thing.

Pure Numerology only use the most often called names as an additional venue to decipher one’s behaviour based on one’s birth date. But it does not go deep enough to correlate serial killers with their names. I would rather use their birth dates to do comparison as name can be changed but not birth dates.

Long before I read that we can analyse personality by reading the lines on one’s feet, I intuitively know that it can be done. We can draw conclusions by reading lines in one’s hand (palmistry), so why not thru’ the lines on the feet? It’s just that it’s awkward to examine one’s feet than with the hands and hence more obscure or occult.

Sure you can accept that science can now tell you heaps of health information just by analyse one single string of hair from you.

Ancient yoga scriptures said that you could see the whole universe through just a grain of sand. Also, the COMPLETE universe can be seen within the “bindu” (the blue flame) which is only as small as a sesame seed. Sure other ancient cultures would have similar sayings, long before any long distance communications as we know exist. Except telepathy but then it’s “NOT scientific”. Anything not yet proven by science is ALWAYS susceptible to blatant and shameless manipulations as no one can prove it is true or not anyway. Thus gives a bad name to those relatively few who can really do it. Just like there are so many scams floating around China all the time that make those really need help hard to get help after so many generous and charitable people have been burnt badly.

Mitchell Rehaume

Q: “When you do a numerology reading is that reading specific to that person in that specific time period of their life? If so, what happens if a random event occurs to change that person will that change their numerology reading?”

A: Yes. In Numerology reading, there are 3 charts: Characters born with; Characters developing and Characters after Learning the Karmic Lessons. Also, refer to my previous post Numerology Expert Explains Why YOU Are the ONE Who Runs Your Life – Part 1 in which there is an interesting comment on Style, Self-Expression and Sonnets

As to “randomness”, I let the following quote answer it:

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein

jc mackenzie:

Q: “Very interesting breakdown, I’m hoping that you’ll continue this from time with historic characters.”

A: The current group here as a whole is more interested in “proof” more than anything. As long as the personality under analysis has large amount of facts known publicly, any accuracy does not advance the cause as one can match up facts conveniently with the numbers, kind of reverse engineering.

The reason I use Martin Bryant as an example is because his birth date does NOT indicate him as a serial killer with that kind of massacre the public and the court perceived that he had committed. He is more likely a scapegoat in the covered up conspiracy, similar to the US President J F Kennedy assassination and 9/11 bombing but in a much much smaller scale. It’s a sad event for Australia as we literally destroyed about 400,000 reserve firearms as a result, instead of being stored safely by the Australian Federal Government, weakening the country’s self-defence in the event of any group wants to take over Australian rich resources by coercion.

Read this analysis from an investigative journalist Joe Vialls, an independent investigator with thirty years direct experience of international military and oil field operations:

“ … the gunman had killed twelve victims and wounded a further ten in 15 seconds flat, using only 17 rounds fired from the right hip. Such a staggering performance is on a par with the best combat shooters in the world, and two retired counter-terrorist marksmen ruefully admitted they would be hard pressed to equal such awesome speed and accuracy. Both agreed that attributing such a performance to an intellectually-impaired invalid with an IQ of 66 and severely limited cognitive functions, amounts to nothing less than certifiable insanity on the part of Bryant’s accusers. In military terms a fatal shot to the upper neck counts as a head shot, so for all practical purposes those who died during the first 15 seconds were killed by head shots fired with lethal accuracy from the gunman’s hip. …. in reality a highly planned paramilitary operation with geopolitical motives, designed from the outset to undermine Australian national security.”

BTW, Joe Vialls died in 2005, soon after exposing the nuclear Tsunami.

Rob Northrup

Q: “One of the more interesting ways I have seen to deflect blame from a murderer that needs to be held 100% responsible. Hope they never let juries hear this stuff…”

A: Rob, you kind of hit the jack pot here. First, there was much secrecy in the whole case. Second, there was a case heard in your D.C. Superior Court back in late 2006 that Murder Trial Juror Booted for Invoking Numerology



Numerology Expert Answers Your Questions & Comments

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009


On March 10, 2009, New York Times wrote,

”The Chinese place enormous emphasis on anniversaries and dates ….  To outsiders, this fixation on dates may seem odd, but it has both cultural and political explanations. Numerology and the calendar have ancient and honored roles in China, Elizabeth Perry, a China scholar and professor of government at Harvard, said in an e-mail interview. Even today, while Americans identify most major events by their locations (the Boston tea party, the Alamo, Gettysburg, Oklahoma City), the Chinese tend to rely on dates.”

Different cultures has different ways to remember events! For those who observe US stock markets, they would know that most BIG sell offs happened historically either on Mondays or Fridays.

Allow me to post here my answers to questions and respond to comments you made for my previous blog entry. 

Anthony Lemme :

> Are (Our) philosophies are similar but our means different. Glad you are on board

All philosophies and all religions are really saying the same messages but delivered in different ways.

Jennifer Battaglino

Ø      Are you still working on the book from last time where you were going to do some readings?

Yes. Without disclosing your birth year, let’s have a peek at your birthday Feb 11th posted at my Vox blog:

Ambitious, Creative, Practical, Diplomatic with a Touch of Romance

You are generous, affectionate and charming. When your friends and loved ones need help, you come to their aid in practical and down-to-earth ways with empathy. A good and nice person to be with.

Now, Skype me at “johnho_2004“ to alert me your Skype user name. I’ll link up to deliver your reading as promised. My status is always “Invisible”.

Philip Graves


Is your Vox blog is being picked up well by the search engines? Do you think you might do better to integrate it onto your wordpress blog as a separate page (explained in Craig’s latest video)?


My Vox blog still get picked up pretty well by Google search engine. As to your suggestion of integration, I’ll look into Craig’s latest video. Thanks for the alert!

BTW, today I received the following Google Alert with you being mentioned:

Google Blogs Alert for: John Ho

Consumers: Reality is Over-rated Part iv | Consumer Behaviour
By admin
John Ho Numerology Expert Helps Understanding Personalities for Better Influence & Persuasion (WordPress Blog) Numerology Expert Helps Understanding Personalities for Better Influence & Persuasion (Money Page)
Consumer Behaviour –

Mitchell Rehaume


I find your posts interesting as you are located on the other side of the globe and your posts are extremly accurate in describing my personality and we haven’t even met.

Still on the fence but everyday your posts start to influence me a little more each day.


Thanks Mitchell!

Ø      I have mixed beliefs with Numerology and Horoscopes as I watched a video by Derren Brown explaining cold reading.

I recommend everyone watch Derren’s YouTube video on Cold Reading. It’s an interesting & powerful technique that the fake psychics uses all the time, especially from those special phone lines that you dial in for an instant and immediate “personalised” readings! Just like casino visits, you should only look for entertainment value there, not enlightenment!

The following observation shows you another way of applying cold reading technique. Back in February this year, I deliberately read thru’ carefully the first two weeks’ of that month’s daily horoscopes columns from newspapers for what they talk about under different horoscopes. Then I simply ignore what signs they are talking about & simply cut out the part that applies to me as a Taurus.

Guess what? Most of them are applicable to me! So unless Taurus is the MOST versatile zodiac sign, otherwise you can pretty much read any Zodiac sign as your own! But that sounds so unprofessional & random. That’s exactly what I mean. I don’t know about astrology, but I did subscribe to an Astrologers’ professional forum called “Festival” back in 1996-1997 for quite a few months to observe and pick up knowledge.

I suggest whoever reads those Sun-sign based horoscopes, simply ignore their own sign and read the text of ALL signs to get their own clues :-) !

Astrology does work but the Sun-based zodiac sign astrology is more of an entertainment value and as an English learning exercise than anything else.

Now, I suggest you read my daily Numeroscope at my Vox Blog to check out whether I use cold reading or not. I wreck my brain for each and every one of the daily comment. For sure, there’s always some commonalities for those who are born on the same day. The intricacies lie on the complete birth date and the positions (which indicate their respective strengths) of those numbers. That’s why in General Disclaimer there, I say,”Consequently, here is a broad brush comment in the absence of the birth month and the year.”

jc mackenzie (concurred by Sonya Lenzo)

> Any thoughts on Obama, and his place here and now in history?

Please tell me Obama’s correct birth date & I’ll do one in this blog for all to read.

April Braswell & Steve Chambers:

Thanks for your patience to wait till your birth dates to come up.

Numerologist Expert Answers Your Questions on Meanings of Your Names

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009



I’m over the moon that I have so many queries from my yesterday’s post. You ask whether you have calculated the numerical value of your name correctly and what is the meaning of your name.


Allow me to answer them here.


First, let me reiterate that letters are converted to numbers, as per the following table:







































As to the meaning of  the individual numbers, refer to my earlier posting Pure Numerology Shows Meaning of Individual Numbers


And remember that:


The Vowels                       =   The Soul’s Expression, Ideals and Inspirations

The Consonants                =   The Impressions made in this seen world,

                                                  by the personality

Duane Cunningham:

You’re bright!

3 1 5 = 9 = Vowels

D U A N E = 18 = 9 = Total

4 5 = 9 = Consonants

You’re almost 100% correct, except you overlook adding up 18 to be a “9″.

Great to see you doing so well!

jc mackenzie:

> JC would be 1+3=4. Right?


> Jack would be 1+1+3+2=8

Ummm. No. It adds up to a 7.  I’m sure that it’s late night when you did the sum.

People can have a few names:

1. One called exclusively by their immediate and extended family;

2. One called mostly by their school mates; (most likely a nickname)

3. One called by their friends

4. ….

You’re called JC since birth by ALL or ONLY by your family?

Now, since the name “JC” has no vowel, so an interesting question comes up: Does it mean that you have no aspirations or ideals with those who call you “JC”.

Ah, think, Think, THINK!

Tell me what you think!

Sonya Lenzo says:

So Sonya would be:
Total 20
vowels -7
consonants – 5
Is that rights?

6 + 1 = 7   Vowels


1+5+7 = 13 = 1+3 = 4  Consonants


Pam Schulz


Q: Does it matter if you use nicknames or your given name?


A:  No, as long as we pick the most often called names to do the analyses


Jennifer Battaglino


5 9 5 = 19  = 1+9 = 10  for Vowels
J E N N I F E R = 45 = 9
1 5 5 6 9 = 26 = 8  for Consonants


Provided it’s the most often called name of yours.


Yann Vernier – & Pat Becker:


Q:  (My name ….) what it means…

A: As to the meaning of the numbers, refer to my earlier posting Pure Numerology Shows Meaning of Individual Numbers