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Numerology Expert Thanks for Your Additional Suggestions

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

This blog will be short.

During the frenzy of getting the team’s FeedBurner Feed in place and re-subscribing to all blogs, I missed to blog. I thought I had blogged in the early hours of  the morning.

There are further good suggestions from the team. I appreciate all of you much!

Steve Chambers & Philip Graves‘ way of thinking is most in line with what I’m doing: Take up the book/CD/Video route, branding myself as the “go-to” guy for numerology along the way. Philips’ pricing suggestion also resonates with my thought too.

Christian Haller talks about “along the lines of the book/mini course for others to execute.” I like that even better as it’s higher in the food chain plus even though celebrities sell these days, I don’t really want to go down the gossip & glamourous path. Yes, it’s value in providing “entertainment”, but does it really contribute to advancement of the soul? I would rather than let my students to choose their respective paths.

Yann Vernier – recommends getting multi-media student to help my projects at a low costs. Spot on. They are good economic resources.

I apology to Duane Cunningham as in my last post, I said he is “naughty” and “has bascially hinted on such snake oil salesmanship.” May be if I add the ” :) ) ” at the end, it would lightening the tone and showed that I was not upset or misinterprested his good intention: You have to be differentiate yourself from the crowd to stand out.

Numerology Expert Says Obama Decides to Skip Town Visit for His Reading Among Controversy

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Regarding to my yesterday’s controversial post “Numerology Expert Says Obama Is Coming to Town ….. with John Ho, Steve Chambers would not take a little offence if I used a quotation mark around the word “beloved” when I talk about your US President Obama. I meant to be humorous. But apparently, I rubbed it the wrong way.

I can feel how painful you are (or anyone who’s intelligent) that within first 60 days in the office, Obama administration had already increased American national debt from $1 trillion to over $4 trillions, with even more federal spending promised. Long term effect on the value of US dollars is dire indeed when the money printing machines kept busy without the backing of SOLID gold to justify it. 

Wow, now I know about Obama’s secretive backgrounds, even down to the uncertainty of his birth date! Thanks to  jc mackenzie’s inadvertent oversight that expose the dubious situation. 

Such exposure makes Obama change his mind of coming to town for his Pure Numerology reading. No matter how great or accurate my reading on him turns out to be, it does not hold water in the eyes of the public. Since he’s a manufactured persona with dubious birth date information, any analyses is just a waste of time for accuracy sake.


It surprises me that one can run for US Presidency without verification of his identity, origin and his birth date! I hope Obama is a legal US citizen! There’s a Chinese saying, “Heroes create new eras; by the same token, new eras make some heroes.” May be Obama belongs to the latter. But then, he is NOT a hero in the eyes of the thinkers. Well, he’s an alien then.

Our “beloved” Kevin Rudd has his imperfection revealed when he went berserk about two weeks ago in telling his flight attendant off about the quality of his meal, bring her down in tears. May be I should instead “cut him up” with his birth date. As to JJ Jalopy’s suggestion (with concurrence from Anthony Lemme and Duane Cunningham) for an experiment to prove the case for Pure Numerology, it is really more of a publicity stunt than a scientific exercise. To prove scientifically the modality of Pure Numerology to be valid might be simple but it is not easy. I don’t mix them up. I do see that “NO publicity is bad publicity” as far as marketing power is concerned, putting aside ethics. I will consider the buzz worthiness of his suggestion when I launch my book “How to Read A Person In 3 Seconds or Less – Numerology Made Pure and Simple”.



Duane Cunningham mentioned about Robert Allen’s challenge (of buying property with nothing down in whatever US city you put him into) is really a marketing gimmick to promote himself & his seminars. Allan has not achieved what he promised to do, according to Neil Jenman, the self-appointed and fanatic property consumer advocate.

Numerologist Expert Is Having an Easy Night

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


I really don’t know why it happened. 21 hours ago, I posted the following blog and WordPress confirmed that it’s published. Yet, when I just checked it now, it is NOT there!



I press the “Update” button. Still no success to get it published. So now, I deleted it & repost it. Luckily, I had a copy of it in my Word file!



So here it is again:



After two long posts, I opt for an easy night today with a short one.


Pat Becker : Happy Birthday for your special day 26th April.

John  Ho: Check our your Numeroscope at my Vox Blog tomorrow for your birthday analysis.

Philip Graves, in his latest blog, says that, “One recent study for the journal Law and Human Behaviour found that false eye witness testimony contributed to more than three quarters of wrongful convictions (that were accurately resolved using DNA evidence).”



John Ho: How interesting it’s for crime investigation! False memory and limitation of language itself does not help the course of justice. But that’s life.


Steve Chambers : “most of the conclusions here are

after the fact, with the assumptions made to fit the data”




John Ho: Analysing well known figures cannot prove validity of Pure Numerology, Astrology and the like UNLESS we go for predictions which come true. Prediction is a risky business due to free will in play.


Christian Haller : “.. my question was not so much looking for proof as trying to find a common reference point.”


John Ho: Understood. I was saying about the group in general, not you as a person. You & I both are at the same page.


Anthony Lemme :’ I saw a blue dot that turned into the universe (planets, stars, etc). It was really beautiful at first but then I got “lost” in it and couldn’t find my way out…. Even though it seemed real, I have no explanation for it so decided not to attach any meaning to it and let it be what it was.’


John Ho: Congrats! You’ve seen the truth. That bindu you saw is a blue pearl which contains the COMPLETE universe. Hard for a human mind to imagine why such sesame seed size light can be that immense at the same time. Having seen that, you would for sure understand that life is much more than this physical body and this phenomenal world. Your outlook on “self” also expands vastly. With the blue pearl, you can do astral travels to ANY part of the universe in a flash. Well, enough said before I am classified as a nut case J! Just remember that you’re really fortunate to have that experience. Meditate on that bindu and just observe what happens without attachment.


jc mackenzie: “Alexander the Great comes to mind-we don’t know a great deal about him personally, numerology could fill in some gaps [I'm a history nut]”


John Ho: If you can give me his accurate birth date, then I’ll have a crack at it for you.


Duane Cunningham : “When you going to put a product together??”


John Ho: I’m writing a book “How To Read A Person In 3 Seconds or Less – Numerology Made Pure & Simple”.


Rob Northrup: “How big of a jackpot did I win?”


John Ho: Whatever you want it to be. It’s all in the mind J!

Numerology Expert Answers Questions on Analyses of Martin Bryant, an accused Mass Murderer

Sunday, April 26th, 2009


Christian Haller:
Q: “A large number of serial killers have a variant of the name Wayne. Does numerology provide any insight into this?”

lynn Lane:

Q: “Christian brings up a very good point. In my area of the country it’s Wayne, Lee, Ray.”

Lisa McLellan

Q: “Has anyone ever compared the pure numerology results for 10-20 serial killer’s names. I wonder what similarities would be found.”

A: If we study hard and long enough, we CAN analyse ANYTHING to the nth degree with accuracy as to its relationship to another thing.

Pure Numerology only use the most often called names as an additional venue to decipher one’s behaviour based on one’s birth date. But it does not go deep enough to correlate serial killers with their names. I would rather use their birth dates to do comparison as name can be changed but not birth dates.

Long before I read that we can analyse personality by reading the lines on one’s feet, I intuitively know that it can be done. We can draw conclusions by reading lines in one’s hand (palmistry), so why not thru’ the lines on the feet? It’s just that it’s awkward to examine one’s feet than with the hands and hence more obscure or occult.

Sure you can accept that science can now tell you heaps of health information just by analyse one single string of hair from you.

Ancient yoga scriptures said that you could see the whole universe through just a grain of sand. Also, the COMPLETE universe can be seen within the “bindu” (the blue flame) which is only as small as a sesame seed. Sure other ancient cultures would have similar sayings, long before any long distance communications as we know exist. Except telepathy but then it’s “NOT scientific”. Anything not yet proven by science is ALWAYS susceptible to blatant and shameless manipulations as no one can prove it is true or not anyway. Thus gives a bad name to those relatively few who can really do it. Just like there are so many scams floating around China all the time that make those really need help hard to get help after so many generous and charitable people have been burnt badly.

Mitchell Rehaume

Q: “When you do a numerology reading is that reading specific to that person in that specific time period of their life? If so, what happens if a random event occurs to change that person will that change their numerology reading?”

A: Yes. In Numerology reading, there are 3 charts: Characters born with; Characters developing and Characters after Learning the Karmic Lessons. Also, refer to my previous post Numerology Expert Explains Why YOU Are the ONE Who Runs Your Life – Part 1 in which there is an interesting comment on Style, Self-Expression and Sonnets

As to “randomness”, I let the following quote answer it:

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein

jc mackenzie:

Q: “Very interesting breakdown, I’m hoping that you’ll continue this from time with historic characters.”

A: The current group here as a whole is more interested in “proof” more than anything. As long as the personality under analysis has large amount of facts known publicly, any accuracy does not advance the cause as one can match up facts conveniently with the numbers, kind of reverse engineering.

The reason I use Martin Bryant as an example is because his birth date does NOT indicate him as a serial killer with that kind of massacre the public and the court perceived that he had committed. He is more likely a scapegoat in the covered up conspiracy, similar to the US President J F Kennedy assassination and 9/11 bombing but in a much much smaller scale. It’s a sad event for Australia as we literally destroyed about 400,000 reserve firearms as a result, instead of being stored safely by the Australian Federal Government, weakening the country’s self-defence in the event of any group wants to take over Australian rich resources by coercion.

Read this analysis from an investigative journalist Joe Vialls, an independent investigator with thirty years direct experience of international military and oil field operations:

“ … the gunman had killed twelve victims and wounded a further ten in 15 seconds flat, using only 17 rounds fired from the right hip. Such a staggering performance is on a par with the best combat shooters in the world, and two retired counter-terrorist marksmen ruefully admitted they would be hard pressed to equal such awesome speed and accuracy. Both agreed that attributing such a performance to an intellectually-impaired invalid with an IQ of 66 and severely limited cognitive functions, amounts to nothing less than certifiable insanity on the part of Bryant’s accusers. In military terms a fatal shot to the upper neck counts as a head shot, so for all practical purposes those who died during the first 15 seconds were killed by head shots fired with lethal accuracy from the gunman’s hip. …. in reality a highly planned paramilitary operation with geopolitical motives, designed from the outset to undermine Australian national security.”

BTW, Joe Vialls died in 2005, soon after exposing the nuclear Tsunami.

Rob Northrup

Q: “One of the more interesting ways I have seen to deflect blame from a murderer that needs to be held 100% responsible. Hope they never let juries hear this stuff…”

A: Rob, you kind of hit the jack pot here. First, there was much secrecy in the whole case. Second, there was a case heard in your D.C. Superior Court back in late 2006 that Murder Trial Juror Booted for Invoking Numerology



Numerology Expert Peeks Into the Mind of the Killer (Martin Bryant) For The World’s Biggest Civil Massacre

Saturday, April 25th, 2009


Today, I read the current news report about this new book “Born Or Bred? Martin Bryant: The Making Of A Mass Murderer”.

Martin Bryant drove to Port Arthur, Tasmania in Australia and murdered 35 people because “it was a nice day” and “a pretty spot”. That was thirteen years ago in April 28th, 1996. Ironically, he felt like a victim who was driven to do the killing.

Co-author Paola Totaro says in a news interview that, “There’s some great mixture here. You are born with a genetic legacy. But ultimately, it’s the environment and what you live in your early childhood that determines whether you express those genes.” This resonates what I long hold that behaviour is a function of personality and environment. The SAME personality would behave DIFFERENTLY under different environments (or context, as Kevin Hogan would say). That explains why it’s important to choose carefully your friends whom you mix with; choose carefully where do you live. Even when we were poor when we grew up, my mother would choose meticulously a nice neighbourhood to live in, working extra hard to pay for the extra rental.


Co-author Robert Wainwright says in an interview that Bryant was so desperate to find someone befriend with him or even to have a causal conversation that he bought business class ticket to fly to London or Los Angela just to ensure he had someone to talk to. Sometimes, he would just stay at the destination for a few hours before flying back.


Now, let’s have a look at Bryant’s birth date 7th May 1967.


 7/5/1967 = 35 = (8)



Born Characters:


 _|_6_|_9_    = Mental & Spiritual Aspect 

 _|_5_|_ _     = Emotional & Movement Aspects

1 |      | 77     = Physical abilities & Idea Manifestation



He’s a negative strong “7” personality: Secretive, introvert, withdrawn, over-protective, possessive, idealist, jealous and a silent type to the extreme.


Single weak “1”: Negative. Inferiority complex. (But the strong “7”, even it’s negative here, still rescues the personality from that complex)




Developing Character  



 3|__|__0     = Mental & Spiritual Aspects

_  |_  |  8_   = Emotional & Movement Aspects   

    |    |  7     = Physical abilities & Idea Manifestation


His born personality of being a recluse is compounded by his moral lesson of the same number “7”. Instead of learning to override it with spiritual pursuit, he fell into escapism and live in his own dream world. The other moral lesson of “8” is for him to learn through love and emotional support. Instead, it becomes a dominant driving force to air his rage.


Martin = 4+1+9+2+9+5 = 30, adding that finicky, detail mind and mental strain into his secretive life.


His neighbor says Bryant was overly protective of Miss Harvey, a family friend and an elderly spinster, not liking anyone to speak to her. At his New Town High School, he was known as a withdrawn child who never showed his true emotions.


The “5” from birth month May reflects the restlessness within him. As a toddler, his mother, unable to control his energy, used to leash him against the balcony. As he grew older, his father was one of the few who could understand him, kept him busy to absorb his erratic behaviour.

From Wikipedia:

“He was described by teachers as being distant from reality and as unemotional. At school he was apparently a disruptive and sometimes violent child, and suffered severe bullying by other children.
Descriptions of Bryant’s behavior as an adolescent show that he continued to be disturbed. He was revealed to have an I.Q. of 66,[2] equivalent to an 11-year-old and in the bottom 1.17 percent of the population. On leaving school he qualified for a disability pension and lived on a pension for some years, though he worked as a handyman and gardener.”
Now, this poses a query: How can a man with such a low I.Q. as a 11-year old with his total lack of military training managed to act like a marksman killing 20 and wounding 12 people in about 60 seconds just in the small cafe? His birth date did not indicate him to be that evil. Also apparently, his photos were digitally manipulated before published in newspaper & magazines to show how mental he was.

Professor Paul Mullen, a psychiatrist, says, “It’s very difficult for us to get our heads around this but here was one of the world’s worst mass killers who has ever existed but he saw himself as the aggrieved person. It was the world that had driven him to this. It wasn’t as if he really wanted to [murder] but he had no choice. He felt he had been driven to it.”

“Once you break it down you begin to see a terrible tragedy. Take the suicide [his father’s suicide] out and it wouldn’t have happened, without the [inherited] money it wouldn’t have hapened, take the guns out and it wouldn’t have happened. Provide a little more effective care and it probably wouldn’t have happened.”

The new book does not seem to raise the question: To what extent Bryant did do all the killings? The trial was quite secretive and provided a notorious example of trial by media.

To hear the other side of the story, read THE PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE CONSPIRACY, by Joe Vialls at

Pure Numerology Shows Meaning of Individual Numbers

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Before I disclose the meaning of each individual numbers, allow me to expand on the “Positive” and the “Negative” side of a personality.

Positive” or “Negative” Personalities:


In a birth date, if there is no other “1”s except the “1” from the millennium “1” as in the “1” in 1956, then people with such birth dates are said to be born with “negative” personalities.

There is a general disclaimer here. In life, it is not so much what cards we have been given, it is HOW we deal with them that matters more. Suffice to say that if under proper parenting and great coaching, each one of the “negative” personality can be EXCEPTIONAL achievers! I know it is hard for me to be popular among those who are born on these birthdays, except may be 2/2, as they are so good at acceptance and obliging.

I have come across too often “positive” personalities that behave badly and “negative” personalities that are so empowering and beneficial to others’ lives.

So the tip is this: AVOID hone in too much about the “positive” or “negative” aspects of a personality. It is what they DO count most, irrespective of their birth dates and their “potentials” or intentions. There are always great discrepancies between intentions and actions; between potentials and real results. New Year Resolutions is a typical example. By now, most people’s 2009’s Resolutions are already dead and buried in their memory lanes far far away or long gone deep in their history files.


I do need to point out that there are serious challenges facing those who are born on 2nd, 3rd, 4th …. 9th WHEN their birth month ALSO corresponds to their birth day. e.g. 2/2 (or 22/2), 3/3, 4/4 …….. 9/9. This is even more so WHEN they do NOT have any “1″s in their birth year or decade. e.g. not having a birth year as 1911, 191x, 19×1, 2001, 2011 or 201x, where “x” is any number.


To ignore the “dark side” of those aspects of personalities do no one any favours. To evolve and improve, we need to change. To change, we need self-awareness. To have self-awareness, we must be open minded enough to question, to doubt and to challenge any understanding of our usual and habitual thinking and feelings. These are all prerequisites to overcome any issues in life.


Even though we are NOT our bodies, NOT our minds, NOT our personalities, they are still the most important tools for us as human beings to overcome our life challenges. As such, we need to understand the NATURE of our body, our mind and our personalities. Pure Numerology acts as their simple but effective pointers.


Ironically enough, it is NOT because of their birth dates that they have such and such characters traits and destinies. It is the other way round: BECAUSE they choose to (free will and karma in action) go through the learning curve of certain Life Paths (Karmic Lessons) that they have particular set of numbers (as revealed in their birth dates) to govern and to reflect their destinies & personalities. This is the result of the way they exercise their free will in their previous lives. While we are having this PRESENT life, we continue to create our own new karma – good or bad – UNTIL we manage to break the vicious cycle.


Ok. Now, let’s spell out what each number means.



Positive Aspects

     1    Initiative, determination, persistence, strong balanced thinking, an originator, good in business, not tactful, enjoys good health, quiet.

     2    Visionally creative, clairvoyant, often too adaptable, co-operative charming, optimistic and forgiving, peacemaker, diplomat, unselfish.

     3    Desire personal self expression, religious, spiritual, artistic, clever, brainy, accurate, eye for details, power of self generation.

     4    A builder of ideas, makes and gains opportunities, pride and self esteem.

     5    A critical mind, calculating, organiser with constant energy, balanced thinking and acting, intuitive with clairaudiance, adventurist, kind.

     6    Thinker and planner, seeks knowledge, facts and reason, experimenter with life and the unknown, like to prove things, slow deliberate.

     7    Positive, capable, self reliant, goes after what is needed, sacrifices to receive, especially in family, perfectionist, likes good quality.

     8    Dominant, strong, forceful, driving personality, loves deeply, passionately, sensitive, and tactful, a feeling psychic, good healer.

     9    Deep inner wisdom, patient, gentle, kind intuitive, loves people and truth, philanthropist, traveller, healer, minister, very sensitive (especially to human sufferings).

     0    The ability to success when the heart and mind are one in the project, strong, determined to succeed, decisive and secure in self.


     Negative Aspects

     1    Inferiority complex, lacks personal self confidence when there is only a single “1″. Four or more “1″s means being stubborn, narrow rigid thinking, bad health.

     2    Emotional, easily led, changeable, far too adaptable, delights in being a doormat and then loses their temper, unreliable psychic, careless.

     3    Bogged down in details, narrow minded, selfish and demanding, finicky and fussy, bigoted, pessimistic, false pride of own importance.

     4    Wasteful of opportunities, slovenly and untidy, heavy physical sensuality, rigidity of ideas, sternness, does things for the wrong pride.

     5    Restless, calculatingly mercenary, given to criticism and irresponsibility, wastes energy, changeable, mixed up psychic, demanding.

     6    Very slow thinker, introspective, worrier, anxiety problem maker, moody, sullen, fearful, argumentative, given to mental illness.

     7    Possessive, jealous, selfish, defensively cruel, sarcasm, coldness, withdrawn, fearful of humiliation, over-sensitiveness and fear of being hurt.

     8    Emotionally domineering, tactless, cruel to sadistic, self destructive, reacts and turns off love, blames others, aggressive and impatient, intolerant, ruthless, scheming, a destructive fearful psychic.

     9    Cannot cope with the flow of inspirational knowledge, emotional, mental frustration, withdrawn in adversity, fearful of being hurt.

     0    Obstinate, domineering, refuses to see the truth, tight closed mind, black and white outlook, personal desires uppermost, dishonesty.


To be continued tomorrow …. (Remember to keep this part as it builds up into what I’ll talk about tomorrow)