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Numerology Expert Answers Questions on Analyses of Martin Bryant, an accused Mass Murderer

Sunday, April 26th, 2009


Christian Haller:
Q: “A large number of serial killers have a variant of the name Wayne. Does numerology provide any insight into this?”

lynn Lane:

Q: “Christian brings up a very good point. In my area of the country it’s Wayne, Lee, Ray.”

Lisa McLellan

Q: “Has anyone ever compared the pure numerology results for 10-20 serial killer’s names. I wonder what similarities would be found.”

A: If we study hard and long enough, we CAN analyse ANYTHING to the nth degree with accuracy as to its relationship to another thing.

Pure Numerology only use the most often called names as an additional venue to decipher one’s behaviour based on one’s birth date. But it does not go deep enough to correlate serial killers with their names. I would rather use their birth dates to do comparison as name can be changed but not birth dates.

Long before I read that we can analyse personality by reading the lines on one’s feet, I intuitively know that it can be done. We can draw conclusions by reading lines in one’s hand (palmistry), so why not thru’ the lines on the feet? It’s just that it’s awkward to examine one’s feet than with the hands and hence more obscure or occult.

Sure you can accept that science can now tell you heaps of health information just by analyse one single string of hair from you.

Ancient yoga scriptures said that you could see the whole universe through just a grain of sand. Also, the COMPLETE universe can be seen within the “bindu” (the blue flame) which is only as small as a sesame seed. Sure other ancient cultures would have similar sayings, long before any long distance communications as we know exist. Except telepathy but then it’s “NOT scientific”. Anything not yet proven by science is ALWAYS susceptible to blatant and shameless manipulations as no one can prove it is true or not anyway. Thus gives a bad name to those relatively few who can really do it. Just like there are so many scams floating around China all the time that make those really need help hard to get help after so many generous and charitable people have been burnt badly.

Mitchell Rehaume

Q: “When you do a numerology reading is that reading specific to that person in that specific time period of their life? If so, what happens if a random event occurs to change that person will that change their numerology reading?”

A: Yes. In Numerology reading, there are 3 charts: Characters born with; Characters developing and Characters after Learning the Karmic Lessons. Also, refer to my previous post Numerology Expert Explains Why YOU Are the ONE Who Runs Your Life – Part 1 in which there is an interesting comment on Style, Self-Expression and Sonnets

As to “randomness”, I let the following quote answer it:

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein

jc mackenzie:

Q: “Very interesting breakdown, I’m hoping that you’ll continue this from time with historic characters.”

A: The current group here as a whole is more interested in “proof” more than anything. As long as the personality under analysis has large amount of facts known publicly, any accuracy does not advance the cause as one can match up facts conveniently with the numbers, kind of reverse engineering.

The reason I use Martin Bryant as an example is because his birth date does NOT indicate him as a serial killer with that kind of massacre the public and the court perceived that he had committed. He is more likely a scapegoat in the covered up conspiracy, similar to the US President J F Kennedy assassination and 9/11 bombing but in a much much smaller scale. It’s a sad event for Australia as we literally destroyed about 400,000 reserve firearms as a result, instead of being stored safely by the Australian Federal Government, weakening the country’s self-defence in the event of any group wants to take over Australian rich resources by coercion.

Read this analysis from an investigative journalist Joe Vialls, an independent investigator with thirty years direct experience of international military and oil field operations:

“ … the gunman had killed twelve victims and wounded a further ten in 15 seconds flat, using only 17 rounds fired from the right hip. Such a staggering performance is on a par with the best combat shooters in the world, and two retired counter-terrorist marksmen ruefully admitted they would be hard pressed to equal such awesome speed and accuracy. Both agreed that attributing such a performance to an intellectually-impaired invalid with an IQ of 66 and severely limited cognitive functions, amounts to nothing less than certifiable insanity on the part of Bryant’s accusers. In military terms a fatal shot to the upper neck counts as a head shot, so for all practical purposes those who died during the first 15 seconds were killed by head shots fired with lethal accuracy from the gunman’s hip. …. in reality a highly planned paramilitary operation with geopolitical motives, designed from the outset to undermine Australian national security.”

BTW, Joe Vialls died in 2005, soon after exposing the nuclear Tsunami.

Rob Northrup

Q: “One of the more interesting ways I have seen to deflect blame from a murderer that needs to be held 100% responsible. Hope they never let juries hear this stuff…”

A: Rob, you kind of hit the jack pot here. First, there was much secrecy in the whole case. Second, there was a case heard in your D.C. Superior Court back in late 2006 that Murder Trial Juror Booted for Invoking Numerology